Sankari's music concerts have been reviewed by eminent music critics/scholars in English, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada dailies and magazines.

Following are few of the reviews.
1. "Sankari Krishnan gave a vocal concert in the series of SBM which deserved all praise. Good voice, classicism, excellent choice, 'bhava', scholarship, creativity, poise name the feature in a classical concert, it was there. Blessed with keen aesthetic sense and profound creative spirit, she valued every item she presented and held the individual as well as the gathering with orderly elocution and intensity of expectation. Right through, there was a feeling for form and rhythm, precision and clarity, proportion and order. Every item was given its due merit……."
BRC IYENGAR "THE HINDU" dt 20/2/2004
2. "The merit of Sankari Krishnan's vocal recital for Ramana Kendra was that it compelled more than passive listening. Her training under violin maestro Lalgudi Jayaraman has evidently enabled this talented singer to feel and convey the thrill of making new discoveries. Some delicate phrasings of poorvikalyani and the exuberance and majesty of bharavi were all conveyed in a sensitive, gamaka-laden voice, obviously acquired through much practice…."
3. "Immensely satisfying Sankari Krishnan, a student of Lalgudi Jayaraman, sang with composure and concentration on maintaining sruti alignment, besides perfection of notes, free from glamourous flourishes. There was an admirable design in her delivery of ragas……"
4. " Aesthetic rendition ……..There is an aesthetic perception marked with proportion and precision in her presentation, as her concise alapana of Dhanyasi with its dominant sweet poignance testified…"
5. "Full of Promise …….Sankari, with a pleasant, deep voice, exhibited an easy confidence from the initial "vallabha nayaka" in Begada till the end of the concert. ….Sankari sings with the aplomb of a seasoned performer………"
K.S.M. -"Times of India" dt. 29/5/1992
6. "Sankari Krishnan gave a pleasing performance on the irresistible theme 'Thithikum Tamilzhisai'. Her clarity of diction was a great advantage as her songs were in a language the audience could understand. As a true disciple of Lalgudi Jayaraman, she did full justice to the raga bhava and sahitya bhava….."
B.RAMADEVI - "The Hindu" dt. 15/ 9/2006
7. "Over the years Sankari Krishnan has established a unique style marked by clear diction, elaborate laya vinyasa, good patanthara and fluent expression of sangathis…"
S.R. GIRIDHAR - "The Hindu" dt. 17/12/2004
8. "….A disciple of violin maestro Lalgudi Jayaraman, is reflective of the grandeur of her Guru…….Be it the appealing alapana of the chosen raga or its improvisation, her exceptional talent surfaced in all its richness......."
VELCHETI - "The Indian Express" dt. 17/9/2005

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