The glistening pearls hidden in the oysters of learning in the grand Ocean of Music are aplenty. Over the generations, so many great souls by their divine and intuitive grasp and passionate dissemination of such pearls of musical wisdom have kindled the insight of the seekers. SAMRDDHI's main purpose is to be a bridge between the Eternal Music envisaged, pursued and documented for posterity, by such great souls of the past and the passionate seekers of the present. All approaches to the various aspects of music would draw inspiration from the past practitioners and enable empowerment to the seekers seeped in humility and respect for the already created works.

SAMRDDHI is an initiative undertaken by Vidhusi Smt SANKARI KRISHNAN, an accomplished performer and established teacher.

At SAMRDDHI, the focus would be on the following aspects of training

1) Bringing forth creative instincts in music

2) Understanding gamakas in various genres

3) Transcribing intrinsic music

4) Comprehending layam

5) Understanding Voice

6) Performance Training in different genres

7) Guidance for students pursuing graduation and post graduation in music

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